My name is Lissa Pattillo - welcome to my online portfolio!

I’m a full-time comic shop retailer with a passion for pre-press design, freelance, websites, and - of course - comics! Please take a look around if you’re interested in learning more and don’t hesitate to use the site’s contact form if you’d like to ask a question or request a job quote.


    Web Design & Programming

  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • Webcomic Sites

    Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Illustrations
  • Comic Finishing Services

    Print Design

  • Business Cards
  • Posters/Brochures/Ads
  • Book Layout & Design
“Lissa has demonstrated a level of professionalism that exceeds that of many professionals with whom I have I worked. She is always enthusiastic about the work and contributes positively to the creative process.” – Greg Lemoine,
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Along with freelance web and graphic design, I’ve also written for a number of print and digital publications. Learn more…


mefornow My name is Lissa Pattillo and I have a passion for web, print and comics. I currently live in Nova Scotia, Canada with a full-time sales associate position at Strange Adventures. I provide my web and design services on a commission basis to a variety of freelance clients.

My clients have included artists, authors, new business owners, publishers, non-profit organizations, stores, medical professionals and more. I love working with a diverse market and enjoy the challenges and new experiences that come with each.

My primary goal is for clients to feel they’ve had a positive and personal experience and receive a final product they’re both happy and comfortable with. I believe in communication, speed and a personal touch that goes beyond what many web and graphic design companies can offer.

Some of my clients have included:

Award winning cartoonists, Faith Erin Hicks and Dave Roman
Voted World’s Best Comic Store, Strange Adventures
Multimedia publishing house, Chromatic Press
Non-profit organization, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Portfolio :: Website Creation

Featured here are some examples of websites I've built on commission. These websites have been created with a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. Some of those featured here have been created as custom themes for use with the content management software, WordPress.

Are you a comics’ creator looking to publish or promote your work online?

I have years of experience creating customized and easy to update websites for web comics, artists' portfolios and online shops.

Lucky Squid Studios Sparkler Monthly World Shaking Beware the Valkyries Strange Adventures Tailwagggrs Strange Adventures Mariner Dog LifeSmithCoaching Kuriousity Kate or Die Engendered Dilemma Crystals & Karma A Year on Saturn Anime at Large Aptitude Test Astronaut Academy Friends With Boys Agnes Quill Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong DCAF - Dartmouth Comics Art Fest
“Lissa’s website knowledge and ability has far surpassed our expectations. Thanks to how she formatted the website, it will save us hours of work.” – Life Potential Developments,
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We can work together to design a logo and branding that suits your business or organization!
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Portfolio :: Graphic Design


Logos are an important part of any business or published work. I work with clients to create logos and graphics they feel well represents their project, and provides the template for which to base their brand. I've been commissioned by companies and individuals to launch or rebrand their projects, as well as provide recreations of existing material in vector formats.

Cherry Bomb Anime at Large The Yaoi Review Sparkler Sign-In Manga Out Loud Leading Edge Kuriousity Highlander Gauntlet Dead Endings Cycle Rebel Press Cycle Obsessed Canadian Society for...


Featured here are examples of book covers I've created for print and digital publication.

My work on books has included cover designs, interior layouts and press preparations for comics, prose and non-fiction.

CBLDF presents MANGA Off*Beat 01 Off*Beat 02 The Blueprint of Permanent Weight Loss

CBLDF presents MANGA © Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Dark Horse
Off*Beat (Vol. 01) © Jen Lee Quick, Chromatic Press
Off*Beat (Vol. 02) © Jen Lee Quick, Chromatic Press
The Blueprint of Permanent Weight Loss © Chris Kallevag


Staples Copy & Print
  • Business Cards
  • Photo Restoration
  • Brochures
  • Posters/Flyers
  • Calendars
  • Document Typesetting

Along with my freelance work, I spent four years as a full-time desktop publisher for Staples Canada. Our customers were businesses and professionals looking for fast and high-quality turnaround. I created dozens of new business card designs a week and oversaw the creation of all my work from start to finish - from the client's brain to the packaged boxes. Along with creating new business card designs, I recreated business cards based on provided scans and hardcopies. By making high-quality versions of existing material, clients were able to have new copies printed in the absense of their original files.

I also designed business cards and promotional material for use by Staples Canada in its Atlantic Canadian locations. NOTE: Due to the nature of my job, I am not permitted to publicly share examples of the work I created for Staples Canada.

“I recommend Lissa to everyone I know who wants a website and/or business cards. She is very conscientious (she has made sure that there are no copyright infringements). She gets things done quickly and a lot faster than I ever expected. She is so easy to work with and gives valuable advice. She makes things that I thought were difficult seem so easy. It is a pleasure to work with her. I’m glad I found her out about her and her skills before she becomes too famous or busy!” – Michelle Karis,
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Along with graphics and print design, I also design and build websites for a variety of clients. I build websites that you can easily update on your own, or we can work out an update schedule together. Learn more...

Portfolio :: Illustration


Artwork is primarily a hobby but has always played an important role in my professional and creative work. I continue to do illustrations on commission but usually just do it because it's fun!
Vertical Ifrit Hito RePlay Pirates Bean Jak and Keime Ifrit and Tsunae Pharen and Gale


Comics are a passion of mine and I love working with artists to help bring them together. I've done flat-colours for multiple graphic novels, provided lettering for short comic projects and coloured individual pieces of artwork.
Bigfoot Boy Book 02 Bigfoot Boy Book 03 Saturday People Werepuppy Project Strap-On
"Lissa went out of her way to suggest applications and design features to insure that I was pleased with the over all look and feel of the site. She went above and beyond what was required of her and I was very impressed." - Marsha Reid, Anime@Large
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Graphic designer by day, web designer by night! I love what I do and I aim for all my clients to feel the same. Learn more...

Portfolio :: Writing

Previous Clients:

I have been working as a paid freelance writer since 2010 for both print and digital publications. My primary focus is on reviews which have included both long and short form styles on products including graphic novels, animated movies and websites.

From 2012-2013, I wrote a weekly article for Otaku USA titled On The Shelf. I also continue to contribute reviews for publication in The Coast published in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I am the editor and lead contributor of Kuriousity, a website dedicated to news and reviews about Japanese comics and its' related media & industry. The site has been live and updated on a regular basis since July 2007.

Along with editorial writing, I drafted formal press releases, contributed web content and monitored social media sites for the non-profit organization, Society for Atlantic Fan Cultures. It's leading event, Animaritime, is the premiere convention of its kind in Eastern Canada.


If you're looking to contact me with questions, a request for a job quote, or further samples, feel free to send me an e-mail!

How much do sites and graphics cost? Projects are quoted on a case-by-case basis based on the work involved, the time required to completion and the final intended use.